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For too long, physical training for people with autism has been ignored. But fitness is not only a leisure skill, it is a life skill.

Low tone. Motor deficits. Are these common terms to you? If you care for an individual with autism, highly likely. But they don’t need to be accepted as “just the way it is.”

Eric Chessen’s Autism Fitness program is the culmination of nearly two decades of testing, implementing, and refinement of fitness programming strategies. Now he’s relocated from the company’s home base in New York City, to Charlotte, NC.

Eric will take his programming principles and expand to accept 1-to-1 clients on the spectrum at Metro Fitness in Myers Park. Programs focus on developing strength, stability, and motor planning in ways that generalize to everyday living.

While he works with all ages, Eric specializes in working with adolescents to adults.

Chessen says, “Fitness should be treated as a life skill and lifelong pursuit. It is crucial that every individual, regardless of age or ability, have access to exercise and movement programs that meet their needs.”

Eric’s background in exercise science and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) gives him and his athletes an extraordinary advantage. Meeting each athlete where they are at skillswise is critical.

Eric is the creator of the Autism Fitness Certification which has certified over 400 parents and professionals worldwide. He has collaborated with the Johns Hopkins Dept of Neurology, Been featured on VICE media and Yahoo News, and presented a TEDx talk on the importance of fitness for the ASD population.


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