Name: Travis Sullivan

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Certifications: CSCS and USAW

What is your job outside of coaching? Assistant Sports Performance Coach Queens University at Charlotte

Describe your training philosophy? Natural human actions can be categorized into a few general movements: Squat, Hinge, Lunge, Push, Pull, and Carry. Our environment and habits dictate whether we enhance or restrict these qualities. My position is to educate, demonstrate, and teach individuals how to perform each movement in a progressive and systematic process that’s conducive with their training goals. Each client I have the opportunity to train will not alone develop improved overall functional strength, but with improve mobility, flexibility, and health.  

Aspiration for Coaching? General fitness training is one of the greatest tests of human self-determination and resiliency. Along with providing the information and tools for the client; my duties entail guiding the client through their fitness journey, while avoiding the common setbacks and pitfalls of training. My aspiration for coaching/training stems from my love of fitness training, and how it benefits one’s physiologic and cognitive system. It feels amazing to see the client achieve their fitness goal, with elevated confidence and energy.

Previous Experience: After obtaining my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2016, I worked as a strength & conditioning intern at Cannon School. While at Cannon School I spent the next two years as an assistant football coach, before obtaining a second internship at Queens University in their Strength & Conditioning department. Currently, I serve as an assistant sports performance coach at Queens University and personal trainer at Metro Fitness Club. My qualifications/certifications include USAW, CSCS, and CPR/AED.