Name: Kathy Laucius

Hometown: Houston, TX

Certifications: ACE & NASM

Background: Growing up I was never the athletic type. I struggled with my weight until my late 30’s. Once I realized that it was all about a lifestyle and not a short term diet, I was able to get off the diet roller coaster and move forward with my exercise and nutrition goals.

Love for Training: My passion is helping others make their health and fitness goals a lifestyle. Since I have my own Before and After story, I understand the struggle of making exercise part of your life. My goal is to help others be healthy and learn how to maintain their fitness routine.

Food I could not live without: Real Mexican food from Texas!

Music: Classic Rock, R&B

Word to describe me: Passionate

Something someone would be surprised to learn: I don’t wake up everyday dying to eat healthy or workout. I have to dig deep like all of us to make good decisions every day that add up to the big picture.