Name:  Ashley Menzel

Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC

Certifications: NFPT

What is your job outside of coaching?   Full time fitness

What is your athletic background?  Played collegiate tennis at UNCG my freshman year until injury, which inspired me to become a trainer.

How did you fall in love with CrossFit?  I love pushing my body to the max and love the results.

What is your favorite type of WOD? EMOMs are my favorite because I feel that I can really push it to the limit on those days.

What is your favorite movement? BURPEES all the way.  There’s not a workout that I don’t incorporate some sort of burpee variation.

What is the one food you could not live without? Macaroni and cheese

What is your favorite kind of music to workout to? I am all over the place, but country mostly.

What would be one word to describe you? Energy

What is something people may be surprised to know about you? I’m high energy, but my most favorite day is relaxing on the beach.

How would you describe your coaching style? I love high energy HIIT style – EMOMs, AMRAPs, Tabata

What are your hobbies outside of training? Love spending time with my puppy Snickers and traveling