Metro Fitness Club has a variety of exercise classes to suit your needs and one of their most popular ones is Spinning.  Spinning or indoor cycling workouts are conducted on specially designed and adjustable stationary bikes and the instructor leads you through intervals to mimic flat terrain, rolling hills, and some steep mountain peaks. You can do this any day regardless of weather conditions and all set to some great tunes.  Spinning can benefit you physically and mentally and it’s easily scaled to accommodate all ages and fitness levels.

All indoor cycling bikes have an adjustable gear knob, allowing the spinner full control over the intensity of the “ride”.  Classes typically focus on intervals of light resistance to heavy resistance, so the body is challenged, but not exhausted.  This type of training increases the heart rate and studies have shown an average spinner can increase his or her heart rate up to 80 percent, which is excellent for burning fat.  The majority of fat burning occurs when a person’s heart rate is 65 to 75 percent of maximum capacity. A spinner can burn up to 600 calories in a single session.

This hard work obviously improves the cardiovascular system.  The lungs and heart become more efficient, improving blood flow and oxygen throughout the body.  Because it’s a non impact exercise, the joints are not at risk and spinning is a great alternative to other high impact cardiovascular activities such as running.

Spinning isn’t just a leg workout either.  It does use the body’s largest muscle groups – glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps, but it also improves the stabilizer muscles of the core, hips, and shoulders.  The spinner activates these muscle groups to maintain proper form on the bike and this correlates to enhanced body alignment and improved posture off the bike.  However, if you’re looking for changes in your legs, spinning will lean them out while increasing their overall strength.

An indoor cycling class incorporates all the advantages of a group exercise class to keep you motivated – the upbeat music, the energetic instructors, and wanting to work out as hard as the person next to you.  Most people find it hard not to give 100 percent in a spinning class. You don’t have to be coordinated to participate either.  Everyone can ride a stationary bike.

Grab a towel and a water bottle because you will sweat and try out a spinning class at Metro Fitness Club.  You won’t regret it!