Circuit Training

Our circuit training classes feature a blend of interval and cross training in order to increase not only your strength but also your endurance. We integrate functional movements into all of our programming that help you move, perform and feel better in your everyday life.

Classes are around one-hour in duration begin with a warm-up that involves cardio and dynamic stretching to prepare your body for the workout. We then move into practicing specific skills or doing core strengthening before getting to the day’s circuit workout. The circuits usually range from 15-30 minutes. Classes finish with stretching and mobility work.

The workouts vary from day-to-day to keep you constantly challenged. You can expect to work with a variety of equipment including kettlebells, ropes, sleds, dumbbells, Bosu trainers and your own body weight. The exercises and movements you will perform focus on plyometrics, agility, speed, balance, strength and core work to name a few. No matter your sport or activity of choice, you can be sure that participating in our circuit training classes will enhance your performance.

Cross Training

Our cross training workouts are designed to challenge you differently in each and every class. They include a variety of athletic activities to increase your fitness level and improve your overall performance.  Other benefits of cross training are injury prevention, reduced boredom, and weight loss.

Classes are one hour and use a combination of exercises to work the entire body. Variety is the key to maximizing results in strength, cardio, flexibility, agility, and endurance.  Designed for all fitness levels and guaranteed to get you results!