Metro Fitness CLT has partnered with Total Nutrition Technology (TNT) to bring nutrition coaching services to our members. Health Educator Meghan Neary now has an office at Metro Fitness Club where she will be meeting with clients to develop personalized nutrition plans.


Nutrition and lifestyle management plays a huge role in seeing results from the hard work you put in at the gym.  

TNT is offering complimentary health assessments to all Metro members.

In these one-on-one consultations, Meghan will perform a 7-site body composition test, review your past and current medical, nutritional and exercise history and discuss your current goals with you. She will make recommendations for TNT products and services that may help you achieve you goals.

Some highlights of TNT’s services include: 

– Metabolic testing along with information on how you body breaks down protein, carbs and fats
– Customized nutrition plans based on your metabolic testing, goals and lifestyle
– Nutrition education including how to read food labels, when and what to eat, how often and how much to eat, etc.
– Pantry makeovers
– Special programs for moms, youth, athletes, seniors, corporate and more

Call Meghan at 732-275-2629 to schedule your complimentary assessment!

For more information on TNT and the extensive services they offer, please visit their website.