There’s getting fit and healthy at Metro Fitness Club and then there’s getting fit and healthy at Metro Fitness Club while earning fitness karma.  Here are a few gym etiquette tips to make your Metro experience a great one for everyone!

On the Cardio Machines

Stay focused. While loading up a fitness app on your phone to track your miles or heart rate is acceptable, scrolling through Facebook and taking selfies while on the treadmill could have disastrous results.

Saving a machine for later is no bueno, especially during peak times.  Don’t expect your towel, water bottle, or tshirt to hold your elliptical until you’re done with bench press. If you really need the third machine from the left because you go faster on it, then by all means immediately get on the third one from left and go, go, go!

It may not be flu season, but germs are always around and no one wants yours. Sharing doesn’t always mean caring. Please wipe down equipment after use, especially handles and seat areas. Sweat pools aren’t sexy and you know it.

Metro Fitness Club

In the Weight Room

Again, wipe off equipment when you’re done and your fellow gym mates just might vote you Member of the Month. Return dumbbells, stability balls, and other equipment to their proper place and they might choose you as Member of THE YEAR!. Good behavior is always rewarded.

In your quest for the biggest biceps in Charlotte, please don’t hog the curl machine or all the heavy dumbbells. You’ve already done 12 sets, at least let someone else work in on your final 12. In this case, sharing DOES mean caring.

Don’t drop the weights.  That’s not only a courtesy, but a bona fide rule here at Metro Fitness Club. You don’t know trouble until Colleen comes looking for you for dropping weights. Have to drop them? Maybe they were too heavy for you in the first place. Just sayin…

Metro Fitness Club

Class Guidelines

Fashionably late doesn’t work in the gym. In fact, arriving late to class may mean a last minute change to your planned workout as some classes have limited seating. Literally. Spinning classes can only accommodate so many – if you want a bike, come early.

Although circuit and CrossFit classes can accommodate many participates, the instructors start class on time with warm up and instructions. Did we mention this was group exercise? One on one time will cost you extra. It’s called personal training.

Metro Fitness Club

The Locker Room

Although it’s a relatively private area of the fitness club, it’s still not an “everything goes” place and it is technically a public restroom.  It’s not your personal bathroom and closet. Leave a few lockers open for others and few inches of counter space too.

When you’re all done, pack it up and take it with you.  As we like to say here in the South, “Your momma don’t work here.”