Ways to Increase Your Energy

Ways to Increase Your Energy Are you drinking two or three or five cups of coffee to get started on your day? Reaching for that energy drink to get you through the afternoon?  Promising yourself that you’re going to bed earlier tonight so you won’t feel this way tomorrow, only to break that promise toREAD MORE

Nutritional Deficiencies

It’s common to feel a little “blue” this time of year.  The holidays are over, schedules have returned to normal, and the days are shorter. There may be another reason for your down mood – nutritional deficiencies. Researchers have found that lacking certain nutrients can contribute to people feeling moody, even depressed.  Mental health isREAD MORE

How To Keep New Year’s Resolutions

Last week, we introduced you to the history of New Year’s Resolutions. As promised, we will give you some tips on how to keep those New Year’s Resolutions and make 2015 the year you succeed! “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~ Aristotle Aristotle was certainlyREAD MORE

The History of New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the end of the year and it’s a time when people tend to reflect upon their lives – the things they like about it and the things they want to change.  New Year’s Resolutions.  Just how did they come be? Here’s a departure from our usual fitness and health related blog to give youREAD MORE

Spinning at Metro Fitness Club

Metro Fitness Club has a variety of exercise classes to suit your needs and one of their most popular ones is Spinning.  Spinning or indoor cycling workouts are conducted on specially designed and adjustable stationary bikes and the instructor leads you through intervals to mimic flat terrain, rolling hills, and some steep mountain peaks. YouREAD MORE

Post Workout Recovery Snacks

Post Workout Recovery Snacks Most of us know about the importance of nutrition and eating something to fuel us for our workouts. Our post workout meal or snack is even more important and is often overlooked.  One of the factors for proper recovery is nutrition and what we eat after our exercise session can setREAD MORE

Exercising When You’re Sick

You’ve been consistent with your exercise program, hitting the gym on those cold, dark mornings and you didn’t over indulge on Thanksgiving. Kudos! Now you’re not feeling so well and wondering if you should workout or perhaps take a day or two off from the gym.  Will the break do you good or will itREAD MORE

Hydration in the Winter Months

Hydration in the Winter Months Hydration is something we typically focus on in the summer months, but dehydration happens just as easily in the winter. Although you may sweat less during outdoor exertion, winter can accelerate dehydration.  We have a survival mechanism that constricts blood vessels to conserve heat and maintain body temperature in coldREAD MORE

Staying Motivated Through The Holidays

Staying Motivated Through The Holidays The weather is getting colder and the days are getting shorter. The holidays are adding more commitments to your schedule and you’re finding it difficult to get to the gym and stay motivated with your fitness routine.  You’re probably tempted to abandon it and start again in the new year. READ MORE

Easter Candy Burner Workout

A quick scan of my social media channels today shows that many people are feeling the chocolate bunnies, Peeps, Reese’s Eggs and Cadbury Creme Eggs that we all enjoyed for Easter (myself included!). If you’re ready to get in the gym and burn them off, check out this workout I have programmed that will getREAD MORE

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