Best Fitness Apps for iPhone

Technology can make our lives easier.  We’ve done a little research for you and complied a list of the best health and fitness iPhone apps to help you with your goals.

Category: Motivation

Challenges. Nexercize will track your fitness progress no matter what the goal or activity! The app tracks over 200 different activities and rewards your efforts with points that can be redeemed for fitness prizes and coupons.

Fleetly. Fleetly can suggest workout routines and track your mileage and progress over time. The challenges feature allows users to set goals or choose from dozens of pre-set challenges. Badges and medals are rewarded for success.

Teemo. Choose from 10 globetrotting adventures, which include the Caribbean and Mount Everest. It’s a scenario game, encouraging you to conquer the geography-based obstacles alone or in relay style alongside your friends.

Instant Heart Rate. Touch your index finger to the iPhone’s camera lens to measure your pulse. It’ll identify if your heart is beating fast enough to burn fat. The app records your activity then lets you share your results via Facebook or Twitter.

Category: Gym Workout

Pump Up. Pump Up is a lifting app with exercise animations instead of videos.  It plays/repeats automatically so you don’t have to pause to watch a video tutorial. Before designing a woukout, the app asks you to input the available equipment.

Fitocracy.  The app was created for the competitive exerciser.  You track your workouts and aim towards goals through a leveling system and in-game achievements you can share with your friends and in the Fitocracy community.

PumpNLog. PumpNLog is a simple and basic log for your fitness training. You can design custom workouts, add photos, and enable notifications of your success and record setting stats.

Nike Training Club. Nike’s app has a library of 30 to 45-minute workouts that are based on your goals and fitness level. Each exercise comes with a how-to video and allows you to share your achievements on social networks.

Fitness Pro. Fitness Pro app will teach users new exercises and how to properly use gym equipment with instructional photos. Users can target a specific area or do full-body exercises.  Fitness Pro also allows users to design personalized workout routines.

Jefit. This app is meant for bodybuilders to keep track of reps, sets, and weights. It creates various training sessions to target specific muscle groups, as well as allows the user to input personalized workouts.

Category: Running

Edmondo. Endomondo will log speed, distance, and a dozen other metrics, and act as a virtual coach for extra motivation. It also allows you to race against your own virtual ghost and receive an audio pep talks from your friends.

Runkeeper.  Runkeeper utilizes GPS to map your runs, while logging the speed and distance. Users set goals to get audio distance and time updates during the run. Users can listen to favorite playlists and switch tracks within the app.

Charity Miles. Run for charity with this app. Running this app before beginning your exercise routine will earn 25 cents per mile for your selected charity (cyclists earn 10 cents per mile). You have to share your activity on Facebook for the charities to receive the donations.

MapMyRun. The app tracks distance, pace, elevation, and provides a workout summary to save and share. It also counts calories burned. While in the app, users are able to control music and incoming calls.

Category: Yoga Daily Yoga. This app provides short classes with accompanying music, geared towards beginners. Daily Yoga also offers a library of different poses and exercise routines. More advanced features and courses require a monthly subscription.

Pocket Yoga. Is a guide with more than 200 illustrated poses and detailed voice instructions. You can preview various practices, play your own music, and log your progress along the way.

Yoga Studio. Offers more than 65 individual classes, ranging from 10 to 60 minutes at any skill level. Yoga Studio guides you through poses with HD video classes and features a catalog of more than 280 poses.

Category: CrossFit

Pocket WOD. This app provides the daily WOD from and an extensive library of workouts, including Hero ones. Pocket WOD has a catalog of videos for movements, as well as a journal to log your workout and lifts. A free tabata timer, stopwatch, interval timer, and countdown timer are also included.

Random WOD.  Random WOD contains over 600 workouts (with 13 categories) and this app states 1000s more are coming soon. It also provides a stopwatch, countdown timer, lap timer, and tabata timer to help users with their workout needs. Unlike most apps, this one offers WOD and Food Timers to remind users when to WOD and when to eat so users can stay on track.

Workout Hero. This app makes is very easy to log your WOD, monitor and graph your records, and share with social media. It has a convenient feature to add your gym’s RSS feed, so no need to go their website and see the WOD each day. It also has a library of video movements, Paleo recipe section, heart rate monitor, and access to your iPod music.

Category: Nutrition and Sleep

Lose It. This app tracks food intake and fitness activities. Users input their height, weight, age, and how much weight they are trying to lose (if any).  The app determines a recommended net calorie intake based on how many calories the user consumes and expends.

Restaurant Nutrition. Restaurant Nutrition contains nutritional information for almost any menu item.

Sleep Bug.The app offers a wide variety of ambient noises to help restless minds relax and fall asleep.

Stay tuned for next week and we’ll give you some health and fitness Android apps.