Best Fitness Apps for Android

Last week, we shared the best fitness and health apps for the iPhone.  This week, we’re sharing the best fitness and health apps for the Android.  These apps are simple and will help keep you on track for reaching your wellness goals! Several of these app are iPhone and Android friendly so you can use them on all your devices.

Category:  Motivation

Challenges. This app by Nexercise strives to make fitness fun by rewarding you with ranks, badges, and other gamer-like awards for working out. The app tracks over 200 different activities and helps make exercise a lifestyle change.

Ingress. Most people struggle with the motivation to get up and go, so Ingress makes it a game. There’s a Missions feature that sends you on scavenger hunts or a classic game to get you moving about and out of the house.

Category:  Gym Workout/Personal Trainer

Endomondo. You can create a personal training program, track your performance, analyze your heart rate, and record and receive pep talks fro your friends.

FitNotes Gym Workout Log. A simple to use workout log, but also offers an exercise database, and you can customize your workouts.

Workout Trainer. An all-in-one site to personalize your training program, view exercise videos, and join a community.

Nike+ Training Club. This app has fitness tracking and a means to customize your workouts.  This app also features over 100 workouts (think workout videos!) which has  Chromecast support so you can send the videos to your TV.

JEFIT. JEFIT has a library of 1300+ of exercise videos and acts like a personal trainer for you.  It has the regular tracking features for workout journals and suggestions for standard fitness programs. It also has a social community you can join for additional support.

Category: Running

C25K. Couch to 5K is designed (as the name implies) to take you from couch potato status to preparing you for a 5K run. This app also includes training programs for 10K and half marathons too.  It’s integrated with My Fitness Pal so it’s easy to track your miles and progress.

RunKeeper. RunKeeper is more than logging miles. This app allows you to create and store routes, personalize other training programs, track your performance, and link up to other fitness apps and hardware, such as heart rate monitors, for an all encompassing fitness and health app.

Zombies Run!. Zombies Run! is an apocalyptic game that has you running for you life. You must run to get supplies and use these supplies to rebuild.  The more you run, the more resources available to you and the better your chances of survival.

Runtastic Running and Fitness.  This app features GPS tracking for your jogging, running, walking, and biking routes.  Runtastic includes a customizable dashboard so you can track exactly what you want and you’re able to link to many music apps while you workout.

Category: Yoga

Pocket Yoga.  Provides you with 200 plus poses with video and sound instructions. You can also log your yoga practices and create routines.

Yoga. Com Studio.  This app appeals to beginners and veteran yogis. It offers you HD video demonstrations and 3D muscle images to determine which muscles you’ll be using throughout your session.

Daily Yoga.  An extremely popular yoga app and features 400 poses and 50 classes for all levels of yoga practitioners. This yoga app offers a community to follow and chat with others AND it’s updated monthly with new content.

Category: CrossFit

myWOD. Easily log you WODs and share your PRs and accomplishments on social media through myWOD.

Gym Shamer. Need a little more motivation than potential results to get you to the gym?  Use Gym Shamer.  You can log your workouts and performance and check in the gym via Foursquare.  If you don’t get to the gym, this app posts shameful messages on your social media pages.

Travel WODs. If you travel a lot for work or don’t want to get off track while you’re on vacation, Travel WODs offers 120+ workouts that require no equipment. No more excuses!

BarSense. Need help on your Oly lifts? Upload a video of your lift and BarSense tracks your barbell path and velocity to determine how to improve your technique and form. The app graphs what you’re doing right and where you’re going wrong and features a blog to help you with the results.