February, 2015

Best Fitness Apps for Android

Best Fitness Apps for Android Last week, we shared the best fitness and health apps for the iPhone.  This week, we’re sharing the best fitness and health apps for the Android.  These apps are simple and will help keep you on track for reaching your wellness goals! Several of these app are iPhone and AndroidREAD MORE

Best Fitness Apps for iPhone

Best Fitness Apps for iPhone Technology can make our lives easier.  We’ve done a little research for you and complied a list of the best health and fitness iPhone apps to help you with your goals. Category: Motivation Challenges. Nexercize will track your fitness progress no matter what the goal or activity! The app tracks overREAD MORE

Inclement Weather Delay on Tuesday, February 17

Dear Members, Due to the prediction of hazardous road conditions due to worsening weather overnight, all three Metro Fitness CLT gyms will be operating on a delayed schedule for Tuesday, February 17. Metro Fitness Club – Regular class schedule Monday night but gym will close at 8 p.m. – Delayed opening at 9 a.m. Tuesday, February 17.READ MORE

The Benefits of Circuit Training

Metro Fitness Club offers a variety of classes to help members reach their health and fitness goals. What are the benefits of circuit training?  What exactly is circuit training? Circuit training consists of short bursts of a resistance exercise using a moderate amount of weight and high repetitions, followed by another burst of exercise targetingREAD MORE

Cross-Training and How It Can Help You

Cross-Training and How It Can Help You Cross-training for athletes is when an athlete trains in a sport other than the one he competes in with the goal of improving overall performance.  It takes advantage of the effectiveness of each training method and overcomes it weaknesses by incorporating others. Whether or not you’re a professionalREAD MORE

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